About Ascent Technology

About Ascent Technology

Ascent Technology delivers powerful solutions for resource allocation, workforce optimization, and workforce management

Ascent Technology solves complex resource optimization, scheduling, management, and deployment problems for mission-critical and labor-intensive environments, such as airlines, airports, casinos, defense, hospitals, hotels, resorts, restaurants, retail stores, and security.

Since our founding more than 35 years ago by members of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ascent Technology has helped organizations deploy costly human and physical resources as efficiently, effectively, and economically as possible.

We are world-class technologists, problem solvers, and solution designers. We bring together the best artificial-intelligence and computer-science technology, domain resource-management expertise, and system-design skills to provide the functionality our customers demand. We harden that functionality into robust, high-availability solutions our customers trust around the clock, day in and day out.

Ascent Technology solutions ensure the right resources are in the right places at the right times...at the right cost...automatically

Ascent Technology's solutions provide outstanding performance in dynamic environments. They plan for and manage complex operations and handle dynamic resource demands, particularly in the face of unforeseen situations and unavoidable disruptions that require immediate response.

By providing the right information at the right times, Ascent Technology solutions enable you to make the most appropriate decisions in both normal and abnormal situations. They not only detect potential problems that could disrupt future operations, but also recommend, in real time, the best operational responses to potential and actual problems. You can rely on Ascent Technology solutions to resolve situations automatically, and you can always override automatic actions to resolve situations manually, if you prefer.

For example, the Ascent Technology SmartAirline Operations Center solution and SmartAirport Operations Center solution enable airlines, airports, and handling agents to plan the best schedules and to manage dynamic ground and air situations in real time when weather, delayed flights, mechanical problems, and other unplanned events threaten to disrupt schedules in the blink of an eye.

The innovative Ascent WorkZone workforce-management system automatically creates optimal plans to meet forecasted demand based on operational scenarios, and then turns the best plans into actions by deploying human and physical resources in real time in response to actual conditions while minimizing delays, costs, and unnecessary work.

Ascent Technology designs innovative solutions that meet your needs

Ascent Technology was founded in 1986 by Professor Patrick Henry Winston and other members of the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which Professor Winston directed for 25 years. We interact frequently with the MIT research community, and we embed the most innovative ideas into our products to ensure our solutions are fresh, modern, and robust.

We are passionate about helping our customers optimize their operations, and we are dedicated to ensuring the success of our customers and business partners. You can rely on Ascent Technology to deliver solutions that meet your needs, and you can rely on Ascent Technology to deliver solutions that you can trust 100% of the time.

To learn more about Ascent Resource Information System® solutions (ARIS® for short) for resource allocation, workforce optimization, workforce scheduling, workforce management, and workforce deployment, send email or call our sales and marketing team at +1.617.395.4820.

We will be pleased to show you how solutions from Ascent Technology can help you operate more efficiently, lower your costs, and increase your operating margins. The return on your investment can be surprisingly high, and the payback period surprisingly short.