The Ascent Technology SmartAirport Operations Center

The Ascent Technology SmartAirport® Operations Center

Deploy your human and physical resources to greatest advantage

The Ascent Technology SmartAirport Operations Center solution enables you to deploy human and physical resources on the ground to greatest advantage, using From Touchdown to Takeoff® seamless technology, even in the face of unavoidable disruptions to your operations.

The Ascent Technology SmartAirport Operations Center solution enables you to:

  • Use your resources efficiently and cost-effectively, while responding quickly to the changing needs of your customers
  • Coordinate the long-term planning, short-term scheduling, and day-of-operation management of interrelated resources and activities, avoiding costly duplication of effort
  • Minimize the effect of irregular operations and unplanned events in real time
  • Handle more flights and greater passenger traffic with existing resources, delaying or avoiding costly expansion
  • Improve collaborative decision-making by distributing accurate and timely schedule and real-time operations information throughout your organization and beyond
  • Analyze past performance and improve future performance.

Air transportation professionals worldwide rely on the Ascent Technology SmartAirport Operations Center solution with From Touchdown to Takeoff seamless technology for coordinated planning, scheduling, and real time management of human and physical resources day in and day out.

Coordinate planning, scheduling, and day-of-operation management

The Ascent Technology SmartAirport Operations Center solution contains four integrated product suites that coordinate the planning, scheduling, and real-time management of critical airport resources, activities, and events.

The products are modular, scalable, and web-enabled, so you can install the Ascent Technology SmartAirport Operations Center solution in steps, mixing and matching modules and components that best fit your organization's needs, budget, timing, and growth plans.

The SmartAirport Operations Center product suites enable you to:

  • Manage business knowledge. The SmartAirport Information Manager products enable you to codify and manipulate your business knowledge, store it in a secure but flexible repository, and communicate it throughout your organization to support collaborative decision-making. They also enable you to create, edit, and maintain the flight schedules that drive resource allocation decisions and to interface the SmartAirport Operations Center solution with external systems. Key products: ARIS/SmartBase airport database (AODB), ARIS/SmartBus communication middleware, ARIS/Reports data analyzer, ARIS/SL schedule loader, ARIS/SB schedule builder, and ARIS/BIS billing information system.
  • Handle capacity planning. The SmartAirport Capacity Analyzer products help you determine how changes in flight schedules, passenger traffic, and airline and airport resources affect your operations. In times of rapidly changing flight schedules or system-wide disruptions, for example, they help you determine if you can accommodate additional flights. Key products: ARIS/CA capacity analyzer and ARIS/SA slot allocator.
  • Manage day-of-operation resources. The SmartAirport Operations Manager products support the short-term planning and real-time management of key airport resources, such as gates, stands, remote parking positions, check-in counters, baggage belts, and departure lounges. They help you with a broad range of day-of-operation activities, from determining when departing aircraft meet security guidelines to managing queues at counters and security checkpoints. They provide real-time schedule recovery support when operations do not go according to plan. Key resource management system (RMS) products: ARIS/BB baggage belt allocator, ARIS/CI check-in counter allocator, ARIS/GM gate manager, ARIS/SP stand planner, ARIS/AV aerial view display, and ARIS/GateView real-time display.
  • Schedule and manage workers, tasks, and events. The SmartAirport WorkZone workforce management system, the air transportation version of the Ascent WorkZone workforce management system, generates long-term staffing plans, assigns and updates work schedules, supports bidding and trading, assigns workers to tasks, handles time and attendance reporting, and responds to contingencies in real time on the day of operation. Key products: ARIS/WorkModel workload generator, ARIS/WorkOptimize work period generator, ARIS/WorkPlan work schedule generator, ARIS/WorkNet bid and trade manager, ARIS/WorkTime workday manager, and ARIS/WorkRelay task and attendance monitor.

Rely on the solution you can trust 100%

The Ascent Technology SmartAirport Operations Center solution is built on core technology that has proven its value in daily use by airlines, airports, and air transportation organizations around the world for more than 30 years. From our founding in 1986 to the present day, Ascent Technology has earned a reputation for delivering solutions you can trust 100% of the time.

You can trust the Ascent Technology SmartAirport Operations Center solution to:

  • Propose resource allocation plans that achieve the best balance between the needs of the airport, the airlines, and the passengers they serve
  • Detect situations that can disrupt scheduled operations and to make recommendations that provide the best response to the situations.

And, you can trust Ascent Technology to stand behind the SmartAirport Operations Center solution, with comprehensive implementation, training, and 24x7 support services, and a commitment to continuous product improvement.

Learn more about the SmartAirport Operations Center solution

To learn how the Ascent Technology SmartAirport Operations Center solution can help you manage airport resources for maximum efficiency and lowest cost, send email or call the Ascent Technology sales and marketing team at +1.617.395.4820.