Ascent Technology training services

Seminar, small-group, and one-on-one courses designed to meet your needs

Ascent Technology offers many training courses and services to help you learn to use Ascent Technology's resource allocation, workforce optimization, workforce scheduling, and workforce management products.

Ascent Technology also offers a combination of on-site and remote operational training services during the first days you use an Ascent Technology product.

In addition to offering standard training courses for the SmartAirline Operations Center products, the SmartAirport Operations Center products, and the Ascent WorkZone workforce management system, Ascent Technology offers customized training services to meet your organization's specific needs, such as one-on-one training, refresher training, and train-the-trainer training.

Training courses and services are available at your location, at Ascent Technology's offices in Boston, MA, and remotely via the web.

How Ascent Technology approaches training

Ascent Technology offers seminar-style and small-group training courses for the resource allocation, workforce optimization, workforce planning, workforce scheduling, and workforce management products.

Seminar-style courses consist of lectures and demonstrations. They accommodate many trainees at once, have no pre-requisites, and are not computationally intensive.

For example, our trainers use seminar-style courses to present overviews of product functionality to people who want to learn what the products do at a high level. In these courses, people learn about the benefits of using the products, but do not learn how to use the products in day to day operation.

Our trainers also use seminar-style courses to show many workers at once how to use the worker-centric portions of the ARIS/WorkNet bid and trade manager and the ARIS/WorkRelay task and attendance monitor. Trainers provide additional one-on-one training as workers practice using the products on nearby workstations.

Small-group courses consist of lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and extended hands-on practice sessions. In general, the courses accommodate four trainees for each trainer so the trainer can provide personal instruction to each trainee. The courses are interactive, computationally intensive, and, typically, require trainees to have basic computer skills, such as knowing how to:

  • Start up a personal computer
  • Sign in with a user name and a password
  • Start up and shut down computer programs
  • Use a keyboard and a mouse
  • Retrieve and save files
  • Send files to printers
  • Shut down a personal computer.

Ascent Technology recommends that training occur shortly before you place the product in production use. During the period between the end of training and the start of production use, it is often helpful for trainees to practice using the product to improve skills and build confidence. If more than a few weeks pass between the end of training and the start of production use, refresher training may be needed.

Learn more about Ascent Technology training courses and services

To learn more about Ascent Technology training courses and services, send email or call the Ascent Technology sales and marketing team at +1.617.395.4820.